Avoiding paint flaws

Not all mistakes are as visible as the one in this toy. While it remains colourful in the zone that is not seen and thus protected from light, in the visible area-where it really counts- the colour has faded.

One thing leads to another

A service company conducted maintenance on a drink vending machine. The machine was sprayed with silicone so that the bottles would glide better on the metal tracks. Within five hours, however, the painting station (4 floors apart!) experienced extreme paint defects (silicone craters). This example demonstrates the extreme sensitivity of high-tech coatings.

The devil's in the details

For example, the remnants of a silicone-impregmented piece of paper from which a label was peeled can lead to paint defects.

Gaskets that are used on the assembly line must be silicone-free. This is the only way to prevent the diffusion of pollutants from pores and capillaries.

This rule also applies to the specification of grease and lubricants, which also must be silicone-free when used in the painting process.

Hand cremes and other skin-care products also contain silicone or fats that can lead to paint defects. We would be happy to provide the names of skin-care products that will not lead to paint defects.

Lubricants for machinery, often found in grease or glide sprays, also can be the source of paint flaws.

Finding the source of paint flaws often can be a question of experience and detective work. Don't hesitate to consult with us so that we can find discover the source of your paint flaws quicker or, even better, help you avoid them all together!

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