Water-based paints

Environmentally-friendly products with a low content of organic solvents

We offer a wide range of these new coating systems:

  • 1-component resin coatings
  • 2-component PU systems with excellent outdoor resistance
  • 2-component EP primer
  • High-quality 1-component single-coat corrossion protection
  • Peel-Off coatings for spray booth maintenance
  • Non-toxic special products for wood and wooden toys
  • Thick-layer coatings for wood for outdoor use
  • Baking enamels (practically solvent-free)

These are just a few examples. Inform us about your specific application and we will offer you a suitable environmentally friendly coating system.

RAL Colours

RAL Yellow olive

RAL Yellow olive - One of more than 100 standardized colours of the RAL Institute. Zuelch supplies.


Zuelch documents and generally accessible information

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Working instruction Peel-off Coating for floor and wall