TTP lacquers

ThermalTransferPrinting is an alternative for decoration by screen printing.

ThermalTransferPrinting provides an innovative alternative to the decorating of wood, metal, or other temperature-resistant substrates by way of screen printing. This technique is ideal for game boards, trays, puzzles, (children's) furniture, and other plane parts that need to be decorated.

Complete picutres with a vast array of photo-quality colours can be printed in one step - without register problems or intermediate drying. Items can be packaged immediately.


Depending on the surface, parts will be pre-treated with 1 or 3 white or clear layers. After they have been dried, the parts can be printed with the aid of the ThermalTransferPrinting technique. This technique is also suitable for small parts (puzzle pieces, dice, etc.). We offer a special coating for the tumbling process.

Extreme resistance to abrasion

During the printing phase, the dyes sublimate into the paint, so that the picture is not on the paint, but rather in it. Thus, your product is extremely resistant to scratching and abrasion.

Additional Advantages:

  • ThermalTransferPrints have an extremely high mechanical and chemical resistane (even to acetone!)
  • In addition, you can deliver your products more quickly while, at the same time, the storage costs are lower, as parts are only printed after a work order is made.
  • Use TTP for efficient manufacturing and innovative design!

If you would like to try this technique, we will send you samples and paper- or we'll print your parts for you.

RAL Colours

RAL Grey olive

RAL Grey olive - One of more than 100 standardized colours of the RAL Institute. Zuelch supplies.


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