Effect Coatings

Effect Coatings give your product a spectacular look

Choose from our wide range of special effect paints for wood, metal, or plastic.

Metallic finish

Special metal pigments ensure brilliant, sparkling effects. Sunlight or halogen lighting provides a special 'depth' to the coating.

Pearl finish

A particularly elegant look:

Though a bit more subtle than metallic effects, pearl effects add sophistication to your products. Also available as water-dilutable tumbling systems.

Metal effect

Chroming with a spray gun

OSTROLUX effect coatings are used to produce metallic surfaces such as chrome, gold, silver, copper, titanium, iron, etc. Because each layer is extremely thin (3-5 mm), the effect is also determined by the substrate and ranges from dull-matt to high gloss.

Glitter finish

A particularly eye-catching effect. In combination with (preferably dark) base coatings, an amazing variety of interesting special effects can be produced. Tiny substate flaws can be covered to a very large extent.

Bi-color finish

Also called Flip-Flop. The colour effect changes depending on the light incidence and viewing angle, e.g. from turquoise green to dark blue. Bi-color coatings are especially attractive for arched parts, where both colours are visible at the same time.

Structured coatings

These coatings offer attractive surfaces without a great deal of effort. The structure can be varied flexibly by the person applying the coating.

TTP -Lacquer

TTP stands for ThermalTransferPrinting and provides a viable alternative to screen printing. Complete pictures (also photo motives) are printed in one step and then are ready for immediate packing.

Send us your sample parts for a cost-free trial - you'll be amazed!

RAL Colours

RAL Luminous red

RAL Luminous red - One of more than 100 standardized colours of the RAL Institute. Zuelch supplies.


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