Dipping lacquers

Dipping = Zero losses

Dipping is a particular efficient process because it causes almost no paint loss (unlike overspray losses during spraying). Wood, metal, or plastic can be painted by dipping lacquers without any problems.

Hand dipping

Hand dipping is an easy method for coatings of low viscosity, e.g. metal primers, wood impregnation agents, etc. It is an inexpensive and fast technique even for complex parts.

Machine dipping

Machine dipping with mechanical or electronic speed control is used for high-quality surfaces. We would be happy to provide you with a list of equipment manufacturers upon request.

Quality and layer thickness

These factors are determined by the following parameters:

  • Special coatings (flow characteristics, drying, etc.)
  • Shape of the parts
  • Viscosity
  • Speed of removal
  • Number of coats

Depending on the required quality, single or multiple dipping may be necessary. Prerequisite: the shape of the parts must be suitable for dipping. We would be happy to advise you.

RAL Colours

RAL Cream

RAL Cream - One of more than 100 standardized colours of the RAL Institute. Zuelch supplies.


Zuelch documents and generally accessible information

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Working instruction Peel-off Coating for floor and wall

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