Chrome Effect Paints

"Chroming" with a spray gun is fast, efficient and cost-effective.

"Chroming" with a spray gun is fast, efficient, and cost-effective for all types of substrates such as plastic, metal, or wood.

Not just chrome, but rather many other metal effects are possible. The objects obtain metallic surfaces that are deceptively similar to original gold, silver, copper, titanium, or iron.

Because each layer is extremely thin (3-5 mm), the effect also depends on substrates and can vary from dull-matt to ultra-glossy.

Due to technical parameters, this special process is only suitable for serial painting - not for individual pieces.

HVLP spray guns produce thin layers in a highly targeted manner. These spray guns reduce expensive paint losses due to overspraying.

Special types of the chrome-effect paints can also be used for tumbling application.

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RAL Colours

RAL Telegrey 1

RAL Telegrey 1 - One of more than 100 standardized colours of the RAL Institute. Zuelch supplies.


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